1.  Takes  note  of  the  Report  of  the  Chairperson  of  the  Commission  on  the  Status  of Implementation  of  the  Peace  and  Security  Council  communiqué  PSC/MIN/COMM/ 3.(CCCXIX)of  24  April  2012  on  the  situation  between  Sudan  and  South  Sudan[PSC/AHG/ 4(CCCXXVII)],  and  the  briefing  given  by  former  President  Thabo Mbeki,  in  his  capacity  as the Chairperson  of  the  AU  High-Level  Implementation  Panel  (AUHIP).  Council  also  takes note of the statements made by the Presidents of the Republic of Sudan, H.E.  Omar Hassan Al  Bashir,  and  of  the  Republic  of  South  Sudan, H.E.  Salva  Kiir Mayardit,  as well  as  of  the statements  made  by  Ethiopia,  in  its  capacity  as  the  Chair  of  the  Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the United Nations, and other Member States; 

2.  Reiterates  the  terms  of  its  communiqué  PSC/MIN/COMM/3.(CCCXIX),  which articulated  a  Roadmap  on  the  situation  between  Sudan  and  South  Sudan,  as well  as  the communiqué  adopted  at  the  4th meeting  of  the  Sudan-South  Sudan  Consultative  Forum, held  in Addis Ababa on 22  June 2012,that was convened  jointly by  the AU and  the United Nations. Council welcomes  the adoption by  the United Nations Security Council,on 2 May 2012,  of  resolution  2046(2012),  which  endorsed  the  Roadmap,  as  well  as  the  support extended to the AU-led efforts by other bilateral and multilateral partners.Council reaffirms that  the Parties must unconditionally  implementall aspects of  the Roadmap, and  stresses the  importance  of  continued  unity  of  views  and  action  among  the  members  of  the international community, for the timely and successful implementation of the Roadmap; 

3.  Takes noteof  the  significant  reduction  in  fighting along  the border between Sudan and South Sudan since the adoption of the Roadmap, as well as the progress made by the Parties  on  a  definition  of  cessation  of  hostilities,  the  exchange  of  the  names  of  their monitors  to  the  Joint  Border  Verification  and  Monitoring  Mechanism  (JBVMM),  andthe adoption  of  the  Terms  of  Reference  of  the  ad-hoc  Committee  and  appointment  of  its members; 

4.  Welcomes the acceptance by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan of the administrative and security map for the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ) submitted by the AUHIP  to  the  Parties,  in November  2011.  Council  urges  the Government  of  Sudan  to accept this map, as called for in the Roadmap, to enable the full operationalization of all the security arrangements referred to in paragraph 3 above;

5.  Expresses  satisfaction at  the withdrawal by both countries of unauthorized armed forces from Abyei, as required by the Roadmap. Council notes the continued presence of oil police from Sudan in the Diffra area, and calls on the Parties to agree on the establishment of  the  Abyei  Police  Service  at  the  next meeting  of  the  Abyei  Joint  Oversight  Committee (AJOC),  as  well  asto  finalize  the  establishment  of  the  Intergovernmental  Task  Force  for Humanitarian  Access,  to  facilitate  assistance  for  the  returnees.  Council  also  urges  the Parties  to  speed  up  the  search  for  a  solution  to  the  impasse  on  the  Abyei  Area Administration  and  the  Abyei  Executive  Council.   Council  commends  the  AJOC  and  the United Nations  Interim  Security  Force  for Abyei  (UNISFA)  for  their work  in  stabilizing  the security situation in Abyei;

6.  Welcomes  the  recent  adoption  by  the  Parties  of  a  “new  spirit”  of  a  strategic partnership, as the basis for a comprehensive resolution of all outstanding  issues between the  two  countries,  in particular  the commitment  to never again  resort  to  force  to  resolve their differences, to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, and to build mutually beneficial relations. In this regard, Council notes with satisfaction the public affirmation by Presidents Omar Hassan al Bashir and SalvaKiirMayarditof their commitment to this new spirit;

7.  Notes with  satisfaction  the  resumption  of  talks  in  Bahir Dar,  Ethiopia,  on  12  July 2012,  and  urges  the  Parties  to  use  this  opportunity  to  conclude  agreements  on  all outstanding  issues,  including  security,  oil  and  related  payments,  borders,  the  status  of nationals of the other State and the final status of Abyei. Council reiterates its demand that the negotiations be completed by 2August 2012, as provided  for  in  the Roadmap and UN Security  Council  resolution  2046  (2012).  Council  stresses  the  need  for  the  Parties,  in  the meantime,  immediately  to  commence  the  demarcation  of  the  agreed  areas  of  the boundary, as well asto establish the High-Level Committee on the Status of Nationals of the Other State and Related Matters,in order to address all issues under its purview;

8.  Calls on the two countriesto speedily conclude agreements that would allow for the reopening of  the border,facilitate  the  resumption of  trade and  support   the  livelihoods of border communities;

9.  Welcomes  the acceptance, by  the Government of  Sudan, of  the  Joint Proposal  for Access  to  Provide  and Deliver Humanitarian Assistance  to War-affected  Civilians  in  South Kordofan  and  Blue  Nile  States,  by the  African  Union,  the  League  of  Arab  States  and  the United  Nations, which  had  already  been  accepted  by  the  Sudan  People’s  Liberation Movement-North  (SPLM-N).Council  reiterates its  firm  belief  that  it  is  the  responsibility  of the  relevant  authorities,  and  in  particular  the  Government  of  Sudan,  to  ensure  that  all affected  areas  have unfettered access  to  humanitarian  assistance.  Council stresses the need to ensure that humanitarian assistance is  forthcoming as a matter of utmost urgency, delivered by competent, impartial, agencies, under the guidance and oversight of the three organizations.  In  this  regard, Council urges  the Government of  Sudan  and  the  SPLM-N  to cooperate with  the  relevant United Nations  agencies,  in  particular  the UN Office  for  the Coordination  of  Humanitarian  Affairs  (OCHA).  Council  requests  the  Commission immediately to deploy monitors to the affected areas, to assist the Parties to maintain the neutrality  and  integrity  of  humanitarian  assistance,  consistent  with  respect  for  the sovereignty of the Republic of Sudan; 

10.  Reiterates, once  again,  its  firm  conviction  that  there  is no military  solution  to  the conflict in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, and that, therefore, the Parties must return to  negotiations  on  the  basis  of  the  28  June  2011  Framework  Agreement  on  Political Partnership between the NCP and SPLM-N and Political and Security Arrangements  in Blue Nile and South Kordofan States.  In  this  regard, Council welcomes  the acceptance by both Parties of the need for the resumption of negotiations, and urges them to commence these negotiations immediately  under the facilitation of the AUHIP and the Chair of IGAD; 

11.  Looks  forward  to  the  report  to  be  submitted  by  the  AUHIP,  in  accordance  with paragraph 14 of communiqué PSC/MIN/COMM/3.(CCCXIX);

12.  Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

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